How does it work?

Here’s our process from your first idea, to the final walk-through. 

You decide that you're ready to move forward.

You’ve talked it over with your spouse (or just yourself), and you’ve got the money set aside.

The next step is to get in touch with us.

Here’s how:

Our Project Manager, James, will give you a call within 24 hours to set up an appointment.

You'll have your free consultation to tell us about your project.

During your consultation, you’ll meet with James. During this meeting, he’ll take notes, measurements, and probably a few pictures.

We'll send your bid via email.

How quickly you get your bid back will depend on the complexity of your project. If it’s more straightforward, like a privacy fence, then you’ll get your bid back in 2-3 days. If it’s something more complicated it will take a little longer.

Once you accept your bid we will send you an invoice to pay the deposit (typically 50% of the total).

You can pay online (we use Stripe as a payment processor). Or you can write us a check and mail it to us.

When we receive your deposit we'll put you on our project calendar.

We typically work about four weeks out. Weather can impact our schedule. But we’re generally able to stay pretty close to our schedule.

We'll usually have the lumber and materials delivered to the job site the day before we start.

You won’t need to be home when we stop by. We’ll just set everything to the side in your backyard.

We'll be back the next day to start installing your fence.

During the first day of install we’ll set the posts. It will usually take 24 hours for the concrete to dry.

Final walk-through.

Once we’re finished with your project, we’ll schedule a time convenient for you to do your walk-through. At the walk-through you’ll be able to make your final payment.

Enjoy your new outdoor structure!

If we’re staining your project, then we’ll give you a call to get you on the staining schedule.

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Our Amazing Team!

Samantha LaCaze | Finance & HR

Samantha takes great care of finding awesome team members and making sure they’re taken care of. She also takes care of all the financial responsibilities. When she’s not at work, Samantha stays busy with her family and active with her church activities.

Carie Osborn | Operations

Carie handles the day-to-day operations for Trex Outdoor Living. She spends her day making sure our clients are taken care of and everything runs smoothly. When she’s not at work she loves spending time with her Grandbaby and church family.

James Birkes | Project Manager

You’ll be meeting James for your initial visit and as the Project Manager. James has over 30 years of experience as a Superintendent and Project Manager. When he’s not working, James loves spending time with his family and Grandkids.


Jeremy Schopper | Owner

Jeremy oversees all the business operations and stays pretty hands-on with the companies’ marketing. But his main job is to make sure the team is taken care of so that they’re able to take great care of the clients. Jeremy and his wife have five kids and have been married 25 years.

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